NEXON's Titanfall: Assault is now officially available on the Play Store. More or less it takes the tried and true gameplay from Clash Royale and adds giant robots. While it is billed as "a mobile RTS with fast-paced action and intense PvP battles," you have to wonder how the $109.99 in-app purchases affect the head-to-head multiplayer gameplay.

As I have previously stated in my earlier hands-on with the soft-launch version, it is my opinion that the IAPs in this title affect the multiplayer negatively. Considering that NEXON just rebalanced the game for today's release, it seems pretty clear what direction they want to take it in. Not only were the login rewards cut by more than half, but it's now more expensive to upgrade your units. Even worse, there appear to be reports that NEXON has bots in the multiplayer gameplay that are used to pad out player numbers. Oh, and the cherry on top, you have wait timers connected to loot crates that you either have to wait or pay to open.

For anyone who has been playing since the beta or soft-launch these changes obviously will have an adverse affect on the gameplay. For newcomers, it may be harder to notice these slimy tactics, but rest assured the current balancing is not geared in your favor. While these changes are no surprise coming from the likes of NEXON, it seems clear that Titanfall: Assault is aiming for maximum income potential through low rewards, high prices, and wait timers that all point you towards expensive IAPs.

So sure, a quick glance at Titanfall: Assault's listing on the Play Store may make the game appear interesting, as its graphics are pleasant and the head-to-head RTS multiplayer gameplay sounds fun, but the trouble will begin when you realize that you will never earn enough of the competitive level equipment playing for free. This will, of course, leave you grinding away endlessly while getting stomped by bots and people who have purchased an advantage. Sadly this type of monetization through gimped mechanics is now the norm for high profile free-to-play releases on the Google Play Store. Something I am sure we can all thank Google for proliferating willingly.

Titanfall: Assault
Titanfall: Assault
Developer: NEXON M Inc.
Price: Free