Usually, we don't go for refurbished phone deals. But this particular one presents such a good value it might be worth it. Right now over on Daily Steals you can pick up a Google Pixel in 32 or 128 GB for just $359.99 or $389.99, respectively, via a coupon code from the folks over at FatWallet. They might be refurbs, but that's a crazy price, as they each go for $524 and $624 at the Google Store right now, and that's on sale. That makes this up to $230 off what is already a really good deal.

It seems like you can't quite be sure whether you'll be getting the Verizon version of the phone or not, which might make a difference. Though both are GSM compatible, if you are planning on unlocking the bootloader it might be a crapshoot. It's also labeled "refurbished," with the description that the "unit is in good cosmetic condition, and may have minor scrapes or scratches since it has been handled," so caveat emptor. Thankfully PayPal is an option if the condition differs significantly from that description. Again, usually we avoid "refurbished" devices for these posts, but this is an excellent price.

If you are considering picking up a Pixel, it's also worth noting the new model is expected sometime in the coming months, and you'll only have a bit over a year of major updates left. So whatever delicious new flavors of Android launch after October of next year, you probably won't see them on the 2016 Pixel (unless you ROM it).

Frankly, I think I'd pick one of these up myself if I could be sure I'd get one with an unlockable bootloader. $389.99 for the 128GB model is a fantastic discount. If you do go for it, remember that you need to use the FatWallet coupon code FWALLETPIXEL during checkout if you want an extra $20 off. You'll even get free shipping, too.