Some European AC wall adapters are being recalled by NVIDIA as they risk causing an electrical shock. We've had tips from readers of the GeForce forum, where a post by an employee linked to an official recall page with instructions for identifying and returning the faulty equipment.

The affected adapters are said to have shipped with 3 separate products between July 2014 and May 2017. They are the SHIELD World Charger Kits, European SHIELD tablets, and European SHIELD TVs. The defect can apparently cause the duck head (the bit with the prongs) to break off, potentially causing a shock to the user.

NVIDIA will replace any adapter that's eligible for recall. If you've purchased any of the above products you are advised to visit the recall page and follow the instructions to identify if yours needs to be sent back. It's a user-replaceable part, so once they ship you the new one you can fit it yourself. If you need any further advice, there are also customer support phone numbers listed on the site.

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  • François Roy and Ricardo Mendes