Trying to assemble a network of smart home devices can be a challenge that leaves you juggling a myriad of different apps and protocols. IFTTT works behind the scenes to knit all these various products together into a (somewhat) cohesive whole. Of course, first your devices need to have support for IFTTT. You can add Leviton's smart lighting devices to the list today.

Leviton already supports Google Home and Alexa for voice control, but IFTTT adds another layer of automation. You can create triggers with Leviton products connected to other IFTTT services. For example, you can have a Leviton device turn on when your Arlo camera detects motion. There's also an IFTTT applet that runs a Leviton activity whenever your Nest cam switches to Away mode. You can make your own applets based on what devices you've got around the house, as well.

Leviton makes a range of smart home products that operate on various protocols. The company doesn't make light bulbs like Phillips Hue, but adds smarts to your existing lights. To use IFTTT, you need to have a Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi light switch/plug. They're available from Amazon and other retailers.