About two weeks ago, Google handed out free $1 Google Play credits to select accounts. The distribution was pretty random; the credits didn't seem to be going to any specific demographic of users. If you didn't get the credit last time (or even if you did), you're now getting another opportunity for a free dollar of it.

You have three ways to redeem. The easiest is to click the banner in your Play Store app, but since banners don't appear for many and some who see it still can't redeem the credit, this probably isn't the best option. You can also click the source link for a direct link to the redemption page, or enter code A5E65ZH9G4K1VW84582YYZS in your Play Store app or online. Should you get the credit, be aware that it'll expire on September 24th, which is about a month and a half away. And if you didn't guess, this is US-only.

Last time around, Jeff and Matt were the only ones to successfully apply the credit to their accounts on our team. This time, Jeff and Matt surprisingly got the credit again, and I got it for the first time. Let us know if you get it in the comments.