Back at Google I/O in May it was announced that music streaming app Deezer would be getting Google Home integration, allowing subscribers to ask the smart assistant to play music from its extensive catalog. Users have been patiently waiting for further news on this, and today Deezer announced that the functionality was live in Germany and France. Later in the year, it will also be coming to the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Smart speakers such as Google Home are present in more than 35 million American homes, according to Deezer's own press release, so they'll want to roll the feature out Stateside as soon as they can. The company has shed some more light on what is supported by Google Home, which included the ability to play your Flow – your personalized playlist created by a combination of smart data and editors recommendations.

It will be possible to play any of Deezer's 43 million tracks through Google Home and it will be able to find songs based on 18 different moods across 74 genres. You'll also be able to search by specific track, artist, or album, and play any of your personal playlists. In English speaking countries the service will be able to recognize you by voice when you ask for your Flow to be played. Once it's been set up, other family members and even guests can play their own Flow playlists from the same Google Home device, which is a neat trick. Let us know in the comments if any of you are in Germany or France and have got this working yet.