LG's produced some good-looking phones, such as the Nexus 5 and G3, but there haven't been any standouts in recent years. The G5 in particular was downright hideous, and the V20 and G6 are decidedly average. The V30, however, has a chance to change that. And thanks to some HITRECORD submissions, we can tell it looks pretty good.

HITRECORD is an organization created by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt that gets people to collaborate on video projects. LG has been working with Levitt's organization for a few years now, giving creators the latest and greatest LG smartphone to play around with. That's how these videos all got released.

The videos are pretty low-quality, unfortunately, but we can still get a good look at the V30. The back features a glossy finish and curved edges. LG's now-signature dual camera setup is present alongside a flash and what appears to be a laser autofocus module. The fingerprint sensor sits below that, and there's both "LG" and "V30" branding on the back (though that'll probably change with different models). OnLeaks' renders were spot-on.

Up front, there's a nice sight - a 6.0" 1440p P-OLED display with an 18:9 aspect ratio, rounded corners, curved edges, and the smallest bezels I've seen on a mainstream flagship yet. The front somewhat resembles the Galaxy S8 just by virtue of the long aspect ratio/rounded corners/curved edges combination, but that's not a bad thing.

HITRECORD's already taken the videos down for obvious reasons, but we have direct links to them that you can see below.