So long as our phones are this thin, we're all going to spend some time sweating their battery life. And we all know there's nothing less fun than having to attach yourself to an outlet when you're out doing something else. One of the most convenient ways to extend your battery life is to get a case with a built-in battery.

If you're an owner of a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, you're in luck. ICONIC is offering a coupon exclusive to Android Police readers for 35% off their S8/S8 Plus battery cases, normally $40 but just $25.99 with the coupon.

Each case comes with a Li-Polymer battery built in with 5000 mAh capacity for the S8 version and 5500 mAh for the S8 plus. This is more than enough to completely charge your battery when it's dead or effectively double its battery life when used along with a fully-charged phone.

While you can choose to keep the case stowed away for times when you're caught without access to a charger, it is designed for efficient and safe use as an everyday case.

You do not have to remove the case in order to charge your phone, it is capable of passing the charge to your phone safely.

Unlike some other battery cases, it's simple to know how much charge the case's battery has. There is an indicator light on the rear of the case that you can check at any time.

You can also decide whether you want the case to charge your phone, since sometimes you may want to preserve the case's charge while you have a charger nearby. Just press a button on the back to toggle whether the case should be charging the phone.

Of course, the case works as a case, too. The phone is protected from falls thanks to the tough shell. On the front, the bezel is raised slightly to offer protection when the phone falls screen first.

And at 0.7" thick, the case packs a punch while keeping your phone sleek and easy to slide into your pocket.

To learn more or go ahead and pull the trigger, you can get them on Amazon:

To get the 35% off discount (lowers the price from $39.99 to $25.99), use the code APOST001 at checkout. The deal expires on August 11th at 11:59pm Pacific time.

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