Just getting started on your project to make your home smarter? If so, Best Buy may have just the thing for you. You can now purchase a Google Home and a third-generation Philips Hue Color A19 Starter Kit for just $228.99 - a savings of about $100 if you were to buy them separately.

We all know what the Google Home is by now - a smart home speaker powered by Google Assistant that can answer questions, play music, control other smart home devices, and more. It's nice to be able to just say "OK Google," ask a question, and get an answer quickly. The Philips Hue kit is the third-generation model, which has fewer problems than the previous generations. It includes three A19 bulbs, a wireless bridge, and everything else needed to connect to it.

The Home retails for $129 and the Philips kit for $199.99, so you're saving $100 if you purchase them together. If you're interested in the bundle, just head over to the source link and click "Add to Cart." There are two things you should know, though; the discount isn't available in store (you can still purchase online and do store pickup), and the package price is voided if you return one of the items. Two-day shipping is free, and as previously mentioned, you can choose store pickup if you'd like.

What was a good savings is now... a slightly better savings. Best Buy has dropped the price on their Google Home and Philips Hue Color Starter Kit by another $20, bringing the grand total for your entrance into home assistance and custom lighting down to a mere $208.99. At that price anyone can become an ambient lighting tyrant and yell arbitrary colors at their home assistant, basking in the warm red glow of home automation dictation.

This deal just keeps getting better. It's dropped yet another $20 over at Best Buy. That's $140 off in total compared to the price before these sales, and only $10 more than the price of the starter kit by itself at Best Buy. Not too shabby.

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