Perhaps the most common complaint about Android phones is that the software doesn't always hit the heights of the hardware. It's true of many flagship phones from a variety of OEMs, and one of the culprits is usually bloated custom UI skins. In trying to differentiate their devices, many phone makers end up diminishing the overall software experience. Companies like Sony and Motorola have been rightly praised for their use of near stock Android on their devices, and it seems that Moto's parent company Lenovo is now ready to follow suit.

This will be music to the ears of most Android enthusiasts. Speaking to Gadgets 360, Lenovo's head of product marketing Anuj Sharma said the company wanted to give consumers what they had been asking for. With refreshing honesty, he explained that Vibe Pure UI didn't offer the experience that many users wanted, particularly in India where stock Android is preferred. He added that the move would also speed up the OS update process and make it easier to support the software for longer.

It's likely that since the takeover of Moto, Lenovo has seen the benefit of using stock Android and wishes to emulate the model with its own devices. The first phone to prosper from this decision will be the K8 Note, which is expected to launch in India next week as an Amazon exclusive, and will ship with Android 7.1.1 Nougat. After that, all Lenovo phones will launch with a pure version of Android. It was also announced that every K-series device will be updated to Android O, although there were no details given about the time frame.

Let's hope other manufacturers will take stock and decide to do the right thing, too. Looking at you, Xiaomi.