Huawei has grown in recent years to become one of the largest smartphone makers in China, and it's been expanding across the globe with a variety of unlocked phones. To be successful selling phones in the US, you need to work with carriers, and that's what Huawei is going to do. According to The Information, Huawei will team up with AT&T to launch a flagship phone in 2018.

On a global scale, Huawei is the third largest maker of smartphones behind Apple and Samsung. However, its presence in the US barely registers—about 1% of total US phone shipments. The Nexus 6P might have gotten Huawei's name out there, but the company lacks a partner to push its handsets. That's where AT&T comes in, says The Information. Android Police has been able to corroborate this report through our own sources.

The phone in 2018 may be similar to the Mate 10, which is likely headed for a fall unveiling. It's unclear if it'll launch in the US as the Mate 9 did, but perhaps we'll just get a variant of it on AT&T instead. Whatever the phone is, it'll be a high-end device with a correspondingly high price tag. You might want to start saving your pennies now, but only if you're on AT&T.