A commit made yesterday to AOSP has revealed two juicy pieces of news. The more interesting thing is also the one we know the least about: somewhere there is a device named "dorado," and we have no idea what it is. The second and more immediately understandable tidbit is that Google is adding touch support to the AOSP recovery. 

Dorado is confusing. It was mentioned with angler (the Nexus 6P) and angelfish as being tested for the commit. Given the context, it's possible that it is an Android Wear device, and there are a few other mentions of it from the past few months elsewhere. But there's no way to know. It may be an existing device, an upcoming device, or perhaps something entirely unexpected like an emulator or a tool used internally for testing. We'll just have to wait and see.

Touch support for AOSP recovery is an entirely different story, but ultimately almost as speculative. There are a ton of potential reasons for Google to be adding touch support. It might be an attempt at a convergence between Android phones and Wear devices since the latter pretty much require touch support for any interface to work. It's worth noting that recovery for Android Wear devices already supports touch, but if they intend to base the two off the same source that shouldn't make any difference.

In more hopeful and wild speculation, it could be that Google plans on adding more tools to the AOSP recovery which would necessitate having some sort of interface for proper interaction. It's probably far too much to hope that we might see some features from custom recoveries like TWRP integrated into AOSP. But at a minimum, it is possible that these changes could serve as a base for future custom recovery development efforts.

For the full technical details, you can check out the commit on AOSP in the source link below.

There's a chain of evidence that connects the dorado to the Verizon Wear24, via some kernel commits for the device that were authored by employees at Quanta, which was the manufacturer of the Wear24.

Since the Wear24 is the only Android Wear device currently manufactured by Quanta, it's very likely that's it. The fellas over at 9to5Google also have an excerpt from a build.prop that would support the dorado as being the Wear24. That's likely one mystery solved.

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