If you missed this deal the last time we saw it (as many of you did), not only is it back, but it's now slightly better. Over at the popular daily deals site Woot you can pick up the Rachio smart sprinkler controller in both the 8 and 16 zone varieties for just $144.99 and $174.99, respectively. It turns out that, in addition to flying electric cars, the future also includes well-manicured lawns. 

Our own Artem has one of these. It's pretty obvious when a product upsets him, but when it comes to his 2nd gen Rachio, he's been somewhat vocal about his pleasure. That may as well be a resounding endorsement.

With one of these, you can set custom and detailed watering schedules for your home sprinkler system. It's even intelligent and connected enough to know when it's raining, so as not to waste water on an already moist lawn. So not only will it save you a few bucks on your watering bill, but you can be secure knowing it's set to perfectly maintain your lawn. And you can make adjustments anywhere, anytime, from your phone or laptop. It even has Alexa, Nest, and IFTTT integration.

If the Rachio isn't quite to your tastes, the Blossom 7 Zone controller is also pretty cheap over on Amazon, at a mere $93.44.

If being slightly lazier for better results when it comes to yard maintenance sounds appealing, the joy of home automation can be extended onto your lawn, too. Just be sure to grab one soon, as the Rachio deal is set to leave at the end of the day.