Android Messages v2.3 was introduced with Android O Developer Preview 3 back in June, and it brought a small yet powerful thing: a 'Mark as read' button in notifications. This was something that many people were glad to see, but it was only available in DP3. Now, Android Messages v2.3 has rolled out to all devices, meaning that all of you can now experience what a wonderful feature this is.

Sometimes you just want a text message that you've received to be marked as read without having to open it. Perhaps it's a two-factor authentication code, or maybe it's a message from someone that you're trying to ignore. Either way, since swiping it away doesn't mark it as read, having a 'Mark as read' button in the notification makes life just a bit more convenient.

If this version hasn't rolled out to you via the Play Store, we've got your back; APK Mirror has Android Messages v2.3 available for download. Use your new power responsibly.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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