In its continuing quest to improve your News Feed/app experience, or just be creepy, Facebook has announced a shift in how it shows you external links to other webpages. The gist is that FB will show you more stories that will load faster, and less of the ones that may take longer for you to see.

While I'll be the first to admit that I'm an impatient bastard, especially when it comes to my travels across the internet, I am dubious — but let's take a look at how Facebook's engineers explain it:

"With this update, we’ll soon take into account the estimated load time of a webpage that someone clicks to from any link in News Feed on the mobile app. Factors such as the person’s current network connection and the general speed of the corresponding webpage will be considered. If signals indicate the webpage will load quickly, the link to that webpage might appear higher in your feed."

Okay, that doesn't sound all bad. Facebook has even offered to help webpages avoid traffic decreases by supplying tips for making those sites faster and more mobile-friendly. All of this new tomfoolery only applies to the official app, so I doubt that alternatives (like Metal and Simple) should be affected. If you're interested in reading a bit more (there's not much), check out the source link below.