Designer Andrew Bell has something tasty to share this summer—a new special edition Android mini is live on the Dead Zebra store. The new watermelon Android mini is available for order right now, but it'll only be on sale for a limited time. There's also a new Android logo enamel pin. That's neat, but that watermelon, guys.

The special edition summer mini has a translucent body featuring a new textured paint that makes it look like watermelon pulp. The head has a distinctive green striped watermelon rind design to complete the fruity vibe. This thing looks delicious, but don't eat it. The watermelon Android mini is plastic (ABS and vinyl) like all the others. There's a limit of two per household.

The enamel pin isn't a straight rendition of the bugdroid, but it's a take on that. The "Andy" design is described as a "fun and energetic" take on the standard Android logo. There's apparently no limit on how many of these you can get. The pin and the special edition mini will run you $10 each. The Android mini will probably sell out soon, so don't wait too long to place an order.