The future is now, and VR is a thing. Well, not always a good thing, but it's a thing nonetheless. If you want to check out the several things smartphone VR has to offer, the Daydream View headset is on sale now for $59.99 via Amazon, Verizon, and Best Buy. It's not on sale in the Google Store for whatever reason.

Google's regular price for this accessory is $80, so this is $20 off. The Daydream View is covered in soft fabric, which is pretty weird. The selection of colors included in the sale varies by retailer. Amazon only has the slate at $60, but Best Buy and Verizon included slate, crimson, and snow.

Daydream View requires a compatible phone like the Pixel, Galaxy S8 (new), and the Moto Z/Z2 Force. The headset comes with a Bluetooth remote, which docks neatly in the cover when not in use.