The prices for the S8 and S8+ have been plummeting over the past few weeks. Just a couple of days after the latest price drop, Samsung has once again lowered the prices on both its flagships over on its eBay storefront, and is now selling a brand new Galaxy S8 for $549.99 and an S8+ for $639.99. Unlike some previous deals, these are the US unlocked models and not the dual-SIM variants. They're also only available in Midnight Black.

Considering that these phones started retailing for $720 and $840 when they first came out in April, these sales are a pretty considerable saving. In fact, these deals are so significant that Samsung's trade-in promotion is actually a worse deal if you're considering trading in anything other than a fairly recent phone, especially since Samsung has dropped the minimum savings from $200 to $150.

Like most eBay deals, the stock is limited, so you should hurry and click on the source links if you want to take advantage of these discounts. On the other hand, you might also want to consider waiting a while longer to see if the prices drop even further. Ever since the S8 and S8+ started showing up on eBay deals in May, their prices have been falling at an average rate of roughly $1.50 to $2 a day. According to this totally scientific chart extrapolation, that means that at this rate, Samsung will be paying people to buy an S8 sometime by around August 2018.