A number of users are having difficulties controlling their Philips Hue light bulbs via Google Home, the help forum for which is brimming with activity on the subject. The problem seems to manifest itself when trying to turn the lights on and off with a voice command, which leads the Google Assistant to respond with, "Sorry I can't do that, I'm learning every day."

There are various reports from different users, and while many have said the errors started occurring as far back as a week ago, one poster suggested that it started to be a problem even earlier, at around the time Google added support for multiple usersAnother user reports that he can still change the intensity with a command like "bedroom light 50%," but it's not possible to turn the lights on and off.

Although the bulk of the complaints are related to Philips Hue light control, there are also mentions of problems with other smart home devices, such LIFX bulbs, Nest thermostats, Smarthings hubs, and others. Some users happen to also have Amazon Echo devices, which they say are not affected by the same issues, thus laying the blame squarely with Google Home.

Initially, Googlers on the forum tried troubleshooting the problems with customers, but nothing they suggested seems to have worked. Now, the official line from Google can be summed up by this comment from a product expert on the forum, "we are investigating the issue, thanks for bearing with us."

We'll let you know as soon as we have any further news on this. In the meantime, let us know in the comments if you've had similar problems.

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