Many people assume VR is only really for movies and games that make the most of its 3D capabilities, but it can also be used to watch standard video content. Why would you choose to watch a movie on your TV when you can instead use a 200-inch virtual screen with a scenic 360-degree background? That's exactly what Samsung's upcoming Phonecast VR app will let you do.

The app's still in beta right now, but you can sideload it on a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+. It works by mirroring content from certain streaming apps, and its technology is apparently capable enough that you won't see any performance degradation. There are currently 23 compatible apps, with more expected to be added later. You can see the full list below.

  1. Plex
  2. Vudu
  3. Epix
  4. Hulu
  5. Tubi TV
  6. Crackle
  7. YouTube
  8. NFL
  9. Musically
  10. Kodi
  11. Naver TV
  12. V Live
  13. Kakao TV Live
  14. Smart DMB
  15. Africa TV
  16. Naver Webtoon
  17. Oksusu
  18. Olleh TV Mobile
  19. LTE Video Portal
  20. VLC
  21. Xfinity
  22. Sling TV
  23. MX Player

Amazon Prime Video should be compatible, too, but it's currently disabled. It's not possible at the moment to change the background, but I wouldn't be surprised to see different themes come later when the app is properly released. In the meantime Galaxy S8/S8+ owners can check out the beta by downloading it from APKMirror.