Over the past several months, Microsoft has been slowly disinvesting its efforts on its mobile operating system and focusing instead on getting Android and iOS to work better alongside Windows. Microsoft announced several of these initiatives at its Build 2017 event earlier this year, including Microsoft Graph — for providing deeper integration between PCs and smartphones — and a 'cloud clipboard.'

A new Windows 10 preview build released today includes a first set of features the company has been working on, focused mostly on cross-device web-browsing. The setup process involves pairing your Android device (iPhone support is coming "very soon") to your PC through the new 'Phone' section in the Windows Settings panel and installing an app on your phone called "Microsoft Apps." After the setup process is complete, you'll be able to send websites directly from your phone or tablet to your linked PC, with even the option to have the page instantly open up on your PC.


Despite seeming small, these changes signal a clear shift in Microsoft's "mobile first" strategy from a couple years back. While mobile will likely continue to be 'first,' Microsoft's role in that future will be very different than what it had envisioned.