Just after Google pushed out the new personalized Feed this past weekend, reports for problems started to roll in. It would appear that some users are having problems with dismissing items in the new layout. Swiping to dismiss cards in the Feed isn't working for everyone.

A decent number of people are experiencing this issue, based on reports from Google's support forums. Given the date of reports, it is possible that the problem was preexisting for some users, but comments for our own post on the new layout changes also seem to indicate that (at least for a lot of people) it's a new problem.

An example of the new card layout

The issue manifests itself pretty much as you'd expect. If you have the latest incarnation of the Feed in your Google app — which you can confirm by checking that your cards look something like the above, with the source now moved to the bottom — you can test it by just attempting to dismiss a card by swiping. Those with the issue can only dismiss items by entering the 3-dot menu and selecting "Done with this card."

Dismissing cards the long way

It isn't clear if this is the intended behavior or a bug in the new feed. Although one moderator in the thread implied that this was the expected result, other users have reported that swipe to dismiss is still working on some devices. Others claim that items in some tabs can be dismissed with the gesture, but not in the main Feed.

Whatever the cause, I hope that it's not the intended behavior. Making a single gesture into a two-tap operation may not be the best idea for usability. Hopefully this is just a bug.