The Google Cast Receiver app is necessary if you want to cast to your Android TV as if it were a Chromecast. Unfortunately, it's had pretty poor reviews since its release and it's about time Google did something about it. In a bid to improve the experience for developers working with the Google Cast SDK, and in turn make the app less buggy, the company is opening up a beta program that will offer early access to the latest features.

The news was shared by Googler Nazmul Idrison on Google+, and he recommends using the beta program to test apps with Google Cast before rolling them out. You'll need to join the program and then sign your Android TV device in on the same account. To check you have it, look for the version number of the Google Cast Receiver app, which should be 1.26.93139.

Nazmul gives the usual warnings about the beta version, explaining that it's not an entirely stable version and will likely contain bugs. You can report any such issues by sending an email to the following address: [email protected]. You can leave the beta at any time, but beware that it may take a couple of weeks for the next stable firmware to hit your device.

To join the program, become a tester for the unreleased version of the app.

Chromecast built-in
Chromecast built-in
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