Searching on eBay isn't the easiest thing to do now. The search engine looks at literal results for your words and doesn't take into consideration typos, interchangeable words ("bag" and "purse"), multiple languages and translations ("case" and "hülle"), and multiple product names ("Galaxy Tab S2 8.0" and "T710"). So you often end up missing listings because the seller didn't word the title exactly like what you thought to search for. But that's about to get better thanks to new image-based searches.

eBay just announced a new Image Search feature that leverages computer vision and deep learning to look at photos you upload to the app, recognize the object you're searching for, and surface corresponding results among the 1.1 billion listings on the site. That's quite impressive. Many shopping apps usually offer a similar function, but none has as large a database as eBay.

The best part though is that you'll be able to share images from other apps to eBay, so you could instantly find if your friend really paid $500 for those boots they just shared on WhatsApp or if they're bluffing. Or you could buy that same vegetable strainer your mom showed you on Messenger. You can see how that works in the image at the top of this post. eBay is calling this subset feature "Find it on eBay."

Image Search will be coming to the eBay app on both Android and iOS this fall, whereas Find it on eBay will be exclusive to Android when it launches. That's neat, for a change.