In a bid to make its Assistant more powerful, Actions on Google was launched in the US late last year. The service allows third-party developers to build their own voice actions for the Assistant, integrating it with their own apps. To encourage development, Google introduced a competition with cash prizes to anyone making compelling actions. Until now the service has only supported US English, but after support for more languages was previously promised, it seems the UK will be next to see Actions rolled out.

It's unsurprising that British English is next in line, given how similar it is to its US counterpart. According to an email received by Rowan, a developer from the UK, the action he created a few months ago will soon work on devices with the language set to en-GB. He was told there is no additional work required on his part, but that he should test it out in the simulator to check all is well. It was also pointed out that if UK support isn't intended it can be disabled using the country blocking feature in the Google Play Developer Console.

There's no exact timeframe alluded to in the email from Google, but we can only assume the release is imminent. Further language support will apparently be introduced "over the coming months", which is great news for other regions that have recently seen the launch of the Assistant and Google Home. If anyone notices Actions working in the UK, be sure to let us know.

It's now officially live.

Although many commenters said this was already live when we originally posted the news, and now Google has now confirmed this. It refers to "Assistant apps (formerly Services) (U.S. and U.K. only)" in two places

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