With most commercials in the US, companies compare their products to "the leading brand" or "competing product." But not so in the telecom industry. Carriers often go after their competitors with satirical ads and CEO rants, calling out each other on their claims and figures. Sprint is no stranger to this behavior, and has started a series of ads directly targeting Verizon.


The first commercial, embedded above, is for a mock store called "Twice the Price." The premise is that because Verizon can get away with charging "twice the price" (more on that later), then the 'Twice the Price Store' should be able to as well. The ad itself is pretty funny, and reminds me a bit of the commercial from Rick and Morty for 'Ants in my Eyes' Johnson Electronics. Sprint also uploaded another ad to its YouTube channel, seen below, showing customers' reactions to the store.


The "twice the price" premise is that Verizon charges twice as much for its Unlimited plan, when compared to Sprint. But as with all commercials, you have to read the fine print. That claim is based on an unlimited plan with four lines, which equals out to $22.50/month per line on Sprint. Plus, Sprint's price is a promotional offer that ends in August 2018, then it goes up to $38/month per line. So while the claim is dubious, the ads are pretty funny.