The Fleksy keyboard app had a dedicated group of users who were dismayed when the developers seemed to vanish last year. At the time, Fleksy announced that its development team was acquired by Pinterest, but the fate of the actual keyboard app was uncertain. Now, Fleksy is back under a new parent company called Thingthing, and there's an updated version in the Play Store for the first time since April 2016.

Thingthing makes several references to Fleksy as a competitor and its existing users, but I can't find any apps from Thingthing. Presumably it was working on a keyboard app internally, then acquired Fleksy to speed things along. Thus, there's a new build of Fleksy. Here's what it includes.

  • Improved the sharing mechanism for gifs and stickers: now, in supported apps, you can share your stickers and gifs directly in the current conversation, (without having to choose the recipient)
  • Fixed problems with predictions in languages like Romanian and Ukrainian: the keyboard would crash when you tried to type "Fleksy" - well that was embarrassing
  • Fixed various other bugs and some compatibility issues with Android Nougat

So, nothing major there, but Thingthing says a few big changes are on the way. There will be a new brand, more themes/extensions, a focus on security and privacy, and more. You can check out the new version in the Play Store or by grabbing it from APK Mirror.