Everyone's favorite developer, Cheetah Mobile, has published many apps with tens of millions of downloads. Some have even hit 100 million. 500 million, however, is a challenge for any company, but Cheetah Mobile has cheated the odds and hit 500 million downloads on Security Master, its second app to do so.

The first creation of Cheetah Mobile's to reach 500 million was Clean Master, the infamously useless app that "cleans" your phone. Security Master was released in January 2014 as a more security-centric app, but it still includes most of the cleaning functions. It also adds a "SafeConnect VPN" and a bunch of other little security gimmicks. The app hit 500 million on July 14th.

It's worth noting that some of Cheetah Mobile's apps have come preinstalled on devices, which would add to the download count, but we don't think Security Master is one of them. Either way, 500 million is a pretty impressive feat for any app that isn't from Google.