Battery life is an ever-present concern for smartphone owners, with many modern devices struggling to make it through an entire day for some people, especially after a few months of heavy use. That's where ZeroLemon comes in, a company that has made a name for itself with its almost comically large battery cases. Cumbersome they may be, but the cases are also really useful, providing precious extra juice at the same time as offering great protection. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ or an LG G6 and are in the market for such a case, ZeroLemon has just released its latest products for those phones.


There are two case sizes available for the Samsung devices, providing between 120-195% additional battery life, depending on the model, and one size for the LG G6 giving it an extra 170% power. They feature USB-C charging ports, soft TPU cases for protection and comfort in the hand, and they are also protected against any overheating problems. You can find the available versions below:

They're not all in stock on the site yet, but those that are can be had at a considerable discount (between 40-50% off) for the time being and some of them are also available on Amazon at the same low prices. It's unclear how long the sale prices will be in place, so it's probably a good time to pick one up if you're starting to worry about your battery life. Even as something to chuck in your bag in case of emergency these are a pretty good deal.