A few months ago, T-Mobile introduced new measures to deal with scam callers for anyone on the network. Scam ID tells you if a call you're receiving is from a number that's likely to be a scam, giving you a heads-up before you answer. Furthermore, you can have Scam Block cut out those calls altogether before they even reach your device. These features are completely free to T-Mobile customers, and now MetroPCS subscribers are getting the same treatment.

Like any prepaid service, MetroPCS doesn't have its own infrastructure and instead piggybacks on its owner T-Mobile's in order to operate. These scam reduction measures are now built into the T-Mobile network, meaning that Metro-PCS customers will be getting the exact same features, also at no extra cost. According to Tmo, the patent-pending technology has identified 243 million suspect calls since its introduction in April. The "un-carrier" estimates a total saving more than $130 million thanks to these preventatives. It's hard to say how meaningful that figure actually is, but it's certainly a positive step, no matter how you look at it.

Scam ID will automatically be enabled for all MetroPCS customers, starting tomorrow. There's nothing extra you have to do to get it working. If you want to upgrade to Spam Block, you'll need to dial #ONB# (#662#). If you wish to turn it back off again, dial #OFB# (#632#). And if you're unsure whether it's on or not, call #STS# (#787#) to find out.