Those of you who like to root and mod your phones have probably heard of JRummy Apps. Probably best known for its Root Browser and ROM Toolbox apps, JRummy has been a staple of the Android enthusiast community for many years now. It's now been purchased by a company that specializes in app acquisitions called Maple Media.

JRummy Apps was created by an engineer named Jared Rummler. Even if you can't specifically recall the name "JRummy," it's not implausible that you've come across Rummler's apps before. The company covers a wide variety of apps for root users, including a simple root checker, a root browser, a build.prop editor, a ROM installer, and a font changer. Many of these have millions of downloads, with the root browser, in particular, having between 5,000,000 and 10,000,000 downloads. I've personally used the ROM Toolbox and Boot Animations apps many a time, back when I used to flash ROMs like there was no tomorrow on my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 5.

The company that has purchased JRummy Apps is called Maple Media, and it's a Los Angeles-based startup that concentrates on acquiring apps and better marketing them. All of JRummy's apps are now owned by Maple Media, and their intention is to "rebrand the stigma behind jailbreaking/rooting Android devices." That being said, only time will tell how JRummy's creations fare under new leadership. We've reached out to Maple Media for more information on the acquisition.