Android O's fourth developer preview was released today, and you know what that means: more feature spotlights. We already covered the new octopus Easter egg, but there are still a few other changes, even in the final developer preview. The lockscreen and notification panel have both seen a few minor visual tweaks.


left: DP3. right: DP4.

Let's start with the lockscreen. It's apparent that the clock has gotten a bit smaller. The date's font looks to be the same, but it's no longer all uppercase. You might also have noticed that the text has changed from "No SIM card - No service" in the DP3 screenshot to "No SIM card - Emergency calls only" on the DP4 screen, but we're not 100% sure if this is completely new, as we've seen the latter on previous Android versions before.


left: DP3. right: DP4.

Moving onto the notification panel, the same "No SIM card" difference is present. Additionally, the font for the date (in this case, "Mon, Jul 24") has been swapped out for a wide font. The battery percentage number is now bold. And lastly, your carrier's name in the top left and the time in the top right have been pushed in a bit so that they're more in line with the toggles.

I'm not sure why any of these changes were necessary, and I personally prefer how things looked on DP3, but Google will be Google.

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