Any parents who've bought their kids a Switch should already know about the Parental Controls app. Nintendo's latest console continues to prove incredibly popular with adults and kids alike, so it's not surprising the app has more than 100,000 installs. The Japanese gaming giant has just announced an update which includes individual play time stats, downloads records, and a 24-hour alarm disabling option.

It's now possible to see exactly how much time each family member spends playing each game, and even how much time they spend not playing games. Not sure why you'd want to, but you can also share this information with another parent or guardian. You can now also keep an eye on what's been downloaded to the console by other users, and even get notifications sent to your phone every time a new download is started.

There's one other new feature, which is the ability to turn off play time limit alarms and game suspensions for an entire day, which could be useful for parties or other special occasions when you need to be a bit more lenient. If you haven't already got it you can download the app from the play store link down the page, or grab the latest version from APKMirror.

P.s. it wouldn't be possible to mention this app without again drawing attention to the adorable trailer Nintendo made for it. Enjoy: