While there's normally nothing interesting at all about something as mundane as a debug menu, when we noticed the contents of one that it appears someone accidentally pushed live on the Google Store, we had to share. The Smith Debug Modal doesn't really do anything all that interesting for those of us outside the Googleplex, unfortunately, but it does contain a couple of gems.


Namely, "Enable Awesome Duck mode" - which I can scarcely begin to imagine the purpose of - and the Flux Capacitor settings, which let you set a date and time which are then confirmed with an 88MPH button.

I'll be honest, this post was 99% an excuse to make a ridiculous Photoshop involving Back To The Future and a duck. An awesome duck. If you want to mess with the debug menu for whatever reason, inspect the Google Store page using Chrome's built-in debug tool and search for "Smith Debug Modal." Located around that element are the flags "disabled" and "hidden," just remove them both using the editor, and the menu should pop right up.

Again, because this is an internal Google tool, it likely does absolutely nothing using the external web Google Store. It's just kind of funny.