It almost feels like Google has been toying with us recently when it comes to our shopping lists. They took the decision to move the Assistant's shopping list from Keep to Express, which angered many. It soon became clear that lists in Google Express were nowhere near as feature-rich, as you couldn't access them so easily, or share them with others, or use them offline. Here in the UK where Google Express isn't officially available, you're even linked to a just web version of your shopping list if you use the Assistant. Thankfully, for American users, Google has been working to repair some of the damage and the latest update includes offline support for your lists.

This comes after adding sharing features in the last meaningful update, so at least it seems Google is listening to disgruntled users. In v18 you can edit items on your shopping list when you don't have a connection and it will all sync up when you're back online. Other changes include removing the option to pick substitutions, which is apparently redundant now thanks to improved processes. Along with a better sign up process, as well as the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements, this seems like a sizable and useful update.

You can see the full changelog below:


• Offline Shopping list support is here! Access all your Shopping lists when you don’t have an internet connection.
• Add, remove and edit list items offline and all your changes will be synced when you get back online.
• We've improved our in-store and delivery processes, so the option to pick substitutions has been removed.
• Enjoy a new streamlined signup process to get shopping faster.
• Summer bug fixes and heaps of underlying performance enhancements.

If you want to actually buy your groceries using Google Express there's a membership fee of $95/year or $10/month to lay out before you can shop, which will entitle you to free delivery on eligible orders. Either that or you can pay one-off delivery fees starting at $4.99. You can download it using the Play Store link below, or grab it manually from APKMirror.