Machine learning is all the rage these days, and the engineers at Google know that firsthand. The technology is being integrated into so many Google products these days, with one of those things being the feed in the Google app. Today, our favorite tech company is improving on this with even more features that will help you get the news that you want out of the Google feed.

Content aggregation for your feed is getting a bit of an upgrade. While cards in the feed were already personalized to your own Google searches and interests, they're now also based on trending news in your area and globally. Of course, it's still based on any interests you may have (in the GIF above, for example, photography and fitness), but this adds another element to the feed. And if you don't like a particular topic, you can simply unfollow it.

You'll also be able to follow certain topics now, straight from your search results in the Google app. A new "Follow" button will appear next to results for things like movies, sports teams, bands, music artists, celebrities, etc. Click that, and you'll begin seeing updates about that particular topic in your feed.

These days, news bias is a pretty big issue. To help combat that, Google will now show you a variety of sources for the same story, which will enable you to get all the information you need presented in unique viewpoints. These will appear underneath one main article, where you'll be able to scroll from left to right to see pieces that Google has deemed related to it. It's a great idea to fight all the "fake news" on the Internet.

And lastly, Google is also making it easier to search for topics that have popped up in your Google feed. Just press the header (in this case, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art), and you'll be taken to a Google search of that exact phrase. This will definitely come in handy.

These features will be rolling out today on both Android and iOS in the US, and will roll out globally in the next few weeks. I'm not seeing it on my devices yet, but let us know if you are in the comments section.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free