It's time for the next installment of "The Messaging Mess," an unintentional comedy series from Google. After focusing on Allo as a consumer messaging platform, Google has taken to removing features from Hangouts. At the same time, it's launched a pair of business-oriented Hangouts services known as Meet and Chat. However, only Meet is generally available. Starting today, Meet has chat, but it's not Hangouts Chat. It's all so simple.

Hangouts Meet is Google's business-oriented video conferencing app, not to be confused with the consumer 1-on-1 chat app Duo. Meeting attendees in Meet will now be able to send links and text in real time during a video conference. Simply slide over to the chat tab and type your message. This feature will be available to all G Suite users, and should be fully rolled out soon.

There's still no word on Hangouts Chat, which is intended to compete with services like Slack and Hipchat. However, it has yet to launch after being announced in March. Interested parties can apply to test the app using the G Suite Early Adopter Program. Until Hangouts Chat is done, you'll probably have to make do with chat in Hangouts Meet. Or regular Hangouts... or Allo.