Late last week, we announced that we were ending our trial run of Google's Contributor 2.0 platform. The system, which sounds great in theory, allows readers of a website to remove ads from it in exchange for paying a small amount of money per pageview. In reality, the system is quite buggy and presents a number of serious user experience issues, and as such, we've decided that it's not worth the headache.

However, on that post, many of you asked why we weren't able to offer an ad-free Android Police experience in exchange for a subscription-based fee. The answer to that, for now, is that such a system is rather complicated to set up, but we do want to gauge interest in such a thing among you, our readers.

While we won't be discussing specific costs or figures (or even announcing that we're working on implementing this), what we would like from you, in addition to an answer to the poll below, are thoughts about how such a subscription system would ideally work for you, and what benefits aside from a no-ad experience it might bring. We're open to the idea of Android Police "premium" being something that gets more than a clean homepage, but we'd like to know what particular things would most interest you or add value to such a subscription.

Would you pay a monthly (or annual) subscription fee to remove ads from Android Police?

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