Ever since Allo and Duo launched, Duo has seemed like the more 'complete' app. Whereas Allo is still missing critical functionality (like a desktop client/web app) nearly a year later, Duo has been a pretty solid product since day one. And now it has passed a major milestone, with the Play Store reporting that it has over 100 million installations.

This number also factors in people who had Duo pre-installed on their phone, and several OEMs have included the app on their products. Still, I would bet the majority of those installations come from organic downloads. Duo is very good at cross-platform video chatting, as long as both participants have smartphones.

Since release, Duo has added a few helpful features. Audio calling began to roll out worldwide in April, Picture-in-Picture mode on Android O was added in May, and integration with Android's call history is in the works. Let us know if you use Duo in the comments below.