Netgear's Arlo cameras are a solid choice if you need to stick some cameras in places where you don't have a power outlet. The current-gen Arlo Pro cameras can run for about six months on a charge, and they reliably detect motion... all motion. That can mean a lot of notifications if you place a camera outside, but the upcoming Arlo Smart feature will let you filter notifications based on what the camera has actually seen.

Arlo is not alone in using machine learning to provide smarter camera notifications. For instance, Nest cameras can tell the difference between a person and something else. Arlo claims its smart alerts can detect people, animals, and vehicles. You can still be alerted to people showing up on your cameras, but a stray cat wandering past your door won't trigger a notification. You can also give feedback on alerts, which will make your cameras smarter over time.

This feature is rolling out in the coming months, but it won't be free. Arlo Smart will cost $3.99 per camera, or you can get the "Elite" plan which includes Arlo Smart. Paying more for this is not going to sit well with Arlo users, but the existing plans are unusually generous compared to something like Nest. Owners of Arlo cameras will apparently get a 30-day trial of Arlo Smart when it's ready.