For the past year, every note I've had to make with my husband and every list we've had to write has been saved in Google Keep. The app is easy to use and powerful enough to take care of all of our organization needs, but the feature that we have missed in our daily use is an undo/redo functionality. It's a pretty basic one and the first time we looked for it and realized it wasn't there, we were quite dumbfounded. The convenience of not having to manually undo/redo something is very important, but it's even more crucial when you inadvertently delete something you shouldn't have.

At last, undo/redo buttons are making their appearance in the Google Keep app. The just-released v3.4.803 shows the buttons in the bottom bar of any note you have open. It lets you go back and forward many steps, as long as the note is open and you haven't saved it by going back to the main Keep list. That's all there is to the function, but it's one very welcome change.

We're still checking to see if there are other changes in the latest Keep version and we'll update this post if we find anything new. In the meantime, you can grab Google Keep 3.4.803 from APK Mirror in case it hasn't rolled out to you yet on the Play Store.

Google Keep - Notes and Lists
Google Keep - Notes and Lists
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