In the wake of Prime Day, Amazon is running a set of "Alexa Deals" that can only be accessed by Prime members via voice commands given to Alexa. Most of the offers are pretty pedestrian, things like gum, snacks, and batteries, but there are a few good ones our readers might enjoy. If you are interested in home automation, you can pick up a ton of stuff, like Philips Hue starter kit, smart plugs, a wireless Lutron starter kit, a touchscreen Schlage deadbolt, and more. 

You can see the complete list here, but all the best items are below. Keep in mind that, though the links point to the relevant goods in the sale (so that you can check them out), the promotional prices only apply if you order the item via Alexa with the included command. For your reference, the discount, price, and required command to order are included next to each item.

A few of these products have been used by our own Artem (who habitually documents all his tech experiences over on Google+). I have his word that the Schlage deadbolt is a nifty little unit, and he's also had positive experiences with the Rachio sprinkler controller in a few posts. Most of these items are pretty standard home automation purchases, but the discounts are great. Especially when it comes to things like the TP-Link Smart Plug, which is 40% off; and the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, which is $60 off.

Lastly, rounding out any potential interest is the Amazon Basics 3W Bluetooth speaker, which is 25% off and $22.89. So if you need a cheap way to play tunes while you spend a weekend installing a ton of new home automation gear like your next sprinkler controller or lock, be sure to ask for Alexa to "order a Bluetooth Speaker." There's no telling how long these deals will last, though.