A new version of the Daydream VR app is rolling out today, and it's more than just a bug fix. Google says the Daydream Home interface has been tweaked for better content discovery, and the controller should be less annoying in several ways. If you don't want to wait, we've got the APK all set for you to sideload.

Here's the changelog for Daydream v1.7.

  • Looking for something to do in VR? See more of the best content and experiences at-a-glance in the redesigned Daydream Home.
  • Know what button you’re pressing. Take a look at your controller when you’re in Daydream Home, Quick Settings or Play Store in VR; button presses are now highlighted.
  • Controller performance and reliability have been improved. It’s the little things.

We've been waiting for the promised Galaxy S8 Daydream support to roll out, but that's still not included here. The GS8 just hits an error when setting up on v1.7. For supported phones, you'll see a slightly redesigned home interface. Google says it's better for discovering content. The only actual change is that the three-tile top section is now a scrollable carousel that shows you more items (see top).


The controller should work more reliably after this update, which is always nice. Additionally, you can see which button you're pressing by looking down at your controller. Whatever you press will be highlighted (see above).

If you want to grab the update, it's on APK Mirror. Or, wait for the Play Store. Your call.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free