Google is increasingly interested in expanding its reach beyond the digital world. Search results and Maps listings are more than just links and Wikipedia snippets; they often contain live info that can help you plan your day. For example, Google began integrating reservations for fitness classes into its services recently, and today that system is expanding to salons and spas in the US.

When looking up such businesses, you might see a "Book" button in Maps and Search. When you tap that, you'll get a list of services offered by the business, along with available times and prices. Selecting a time lets you reserve your place, and there's an option to add the details to your calendar. And you don't even have to talk to a human. That's a win.

This feature relies upon a number of booking services that you might already know including Genbook, SalonRunner, Rosy, Yocale, and WellnessLiving. That means Google doesn't have to build out a back end for connecting to all these businesses itself, and it will be adding support for more booking services soon. So, even more spas and salons will have reservations through Google.

If you aren't interested in any of the services included so far, you might still have a chance to book appointments via Google. The company plans to support more types of bookings down the road.