There haven't been many Google Wifi deals since the routers were released. For a long time, the price wasn't just constant, they were pretty hard to find. And, although the supply these days is better than it was, prices have also stayed pretty high. But that ends today, because right now you can pick up a single Google Wifi router for just $99.99 at Amazon. Three-packs are also at the same discount ($269.99 or $30 off). 

Whether you'd like to try one out before you wire up the entire house, or if you'd just like another puck to further expand your coverage into that far bedroom on the 2nd floor, this is an all-time low price for the single-unit. The three pack for $30 off isn't such a bad deal, but as a percentage, it doesn't tickle us quite the right way, as the single unit sale does.

When we reviewed it, we found the Google Wifi to be one of the best mesh systems you can get, and that's not just because we're really into Google products. When you consider price, performance, and specifications, there aren't many other products that compete. Most mesh systems go for quite a bit more, and a lot of them don't support as many of the features that the Google Wifi does, like MU-MIMO. It's actually quite a decent value.

And, today that value gets the tiniest bit better. If you'd like to pick one up for $30 off, you know where to get it. (At Amazon.)