The GoPhone brand made its public debut back in 1987, but after 30 years, AT&T has retired it in favor of a simple "AT&T PREPAID." And to go with this name change, the Death Star is offering up two free months of service for new lines on its 6GB and unlimited plans after 12 months of service.

It's not clear why the GoPhone brand was ditched, but my guess is that people couldn't figure out that it was AT&T's prepaid branch. So to make sure that customers know what they're looking at, AT&T has very creatively renamed it "AT&T PREPAID," with "prepaid" in all caps just to drill it into buyers' minds. Good work, AT&T marketing team.

Now, onto those two free months of service. As with all offers that sound too good, there's a catch. You must activate a new line of service for 12 consecutive months, and the free months will come in the form of account credit during the third and twelfth months. So technically, if you don't want twelve months, you can get three months of service for the price of two. There are two plans that work for this promo: the $60/month ($65 without AutoPay) plan with unlimited talk, text, and data (but it's limited to 3Mbps), and the $40/month ($45 without AutoPay) one with unlimited talk and text, as well as 6GB of LTE. It's worth noting that video streaming is limited by default to 480p on both plans, but it can be turned off. Service in Mexico and Canada is included.

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