Cue by is an artificial intelligence-based Android Wear app that helps you cut down on smoking.

The app lets you reduce gradually, at your own pace while getting rewarded along the way with Starbucks and Amazon credits.

The team at is adding users on a weekly basis to its pilot groups. Sign up today to reserve your spot on the waiting list by clicking the image below.

The app automatically detects when you are smoking, and also allows for manual logging of cigarettes with a single click. After a smoke you are then given a suggestion for the best time to have your next smoke. Cue slowly increases your time to your next cigarette, gradually reducing the total amount of smoking by slowly adding time between smokes according to your personalized plan. To help you build the habit the app offers points to you as a reward for waiting until the suggested time. These points can be converted into Starbucks or Amazon credits.

Cue works by creating a personal plan of when to smoke and when you should wait for your next cigarette. Part of the magic of the app is that it is set to the user's own pace, so you set the goals and the app figures out automatically how best to space out your cigarettes in a day.

There are increased incentives via points to reduce on a weekly basis as well as setting harder to reach daily goals. The app is currently available only as an unreleased beta and is compatible solely with Android Wear 2.0 enabled smartwatches.

Want to get the app right away? You can pay $2.99 to jump to the front of the wait list.

Get Cue and learn more at

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