It would appear that AOSPA isn't just back, it's here to stay. Today the developers for the project have announced a new release with a handful of new features, bug fixes, and support for six new devices, including the OnePlus One, Nexus 6, and one of our favorite new-old phones, the Nextbit Robin. New features include an Accidental Touch mode, Pocket Lock, and a new collaboration with Shuttle+.

Shuttle+ is a popular Material Design music player, and it has a few great features like the ability to Cast local content to compatible devices, scrobbing to, and batch creation of playlists. And, now the app comes bundled with AOSPA images. Thankfully, if it isn't to your preference, the app doesn't get in your way and can easily be disabled.

Accidental Touch is a new feature, sort of like palm-rejection, that is meant to prevent accidental input from hardware navigation keys while interacting with other parts of the screen. If you play a lot of mobile games, and often find yourself accidentally thrown back to your home screen due to such a misplaced nudge or tap, then this is the sort of thing you can appreciate. Think of it as an immersive mode for hardware keys. And, much like all ROM features, if you don't like it, you don't need to use it.

If you have used a OnePlus 3/3T or OnePlus 5, then Pocket Lock is a familiar feature. It allows the device to check the proximity sensor before accepting input, so that if it's in your pocket and the power button gets nudged, you won't end up butt-dialing half your phone book, or taking 30 dimly-lit macros of pants pockets.

Here are all the new devices supported in the latest release:

  • bacon - OnePlus One
  • onyx - OnePlus X
  • gemini - Xiaomi Mi5
  • shamu - Nexus 6
  • Robin - Nextbit Robin
  • zl1 - LeEco Le Pro3

The OnePlus 2 and Nexus 5 didn't make the cut just yet, but they should see support soon. OTA support is now fixed as well, so future updates should be delivered much more easily.

If you'd like to download the latest images, they should be up over at the AOSPA downloads page here.

AOSPA's press release, which includes a full changelog, is below.

Press Release

Paranoid Android 2017 - Release 2 (7.2.0)

Over the past month, we’ve been working hard squashing bugs and implementing new features. We have also managed to increase our device roster so more of you could enjoy Paranoid Android on your devices.

Pocket Lock

This feature prevents any form of accidental input when your device is in your pocket by disabling input sources. You can simply release Pocket Lock by long pressing the power button as highlighted by the minimal UI in case of any sort of obstruction or dust on the sensors.

Accidental Touch

Accidental Touch is a feature useful for many, especially the gamers out there. It prevents any sort of accidental touch on hardware buttons while the touchscreen is in use. This means you won’t experience any unexpected behaviour while playing games, web browsing or even when attempting to reach your finger out to the edge of that humongous display.

Improvements to Color Engine

With this release, we are introducing gray as a new primary and accent color which will sit alongside our already present colors. Also, we have fixed all known compatibility issues with Substratum Theme Engine.

New Devices

As promised we now feel that the OnePlus One, OnePlus X and the Nextbit Robin are stable enough to be included in our roster along with several other devices detailed below:

  • bacon - OnePlus One
  • onyx - OnePlus X
  • gemini - Xiaomi Mi5
  • shamu - Nexus 6
  • Robin - Nextbit Robin
  • zl1 - LeEco Le Pro3

You’re probably wondering why the OnePlus 2 didn’t make it to the list but worry not, it’ll be up as soon as we can ensure good quality for it. Same goes for the Nexus 5 (Hammerhead).


We personally also want to support the Sony Xperia line of devices and we teased a post of the Xperia Z3 Compact and the Xperia X both running AOSPA somewhere in the community recently. However, our infrastructure is not able to cope with the vast number of devices. We’d like all Sony users to answer in a poll for which devices you’d like to see added and we’ll support the devices with the most amount of votes.

If interested, please cast your votes here []

Winds of Change

We are proud to announce that the Paranoid Android team has managed to strike up a collaboration with the creator of Shuttle+ to bring you a feature rich, modern music player.

This brings benefits like:

  • Google Cast to your TV
  • Scrobbling to
  • Embedded lyrics
  • ID3 tag editing
  • Batch creation of playlists
  • Themes
  • And much more

We’re excited to have this partnership and believe it will bring a better user experience for our users with a lot more functionality.

Release Management

After the first release a while ago, there were several device specific issues reported. We did not roll out device specific hotfixes as our OTA system (Paranoid Hub) was broken and forced us to provide an update for all devices at once (this release). This release fixes all issues for ParanoidOTA and you should receive device hotfixes whenever needed.

7.2.0 Overview

Global Changes:

  • Option for double tap to sleep on status bar
  • Screen off action for button settings
  • Fix for navigation bar swiping
  • Notification light fixes and improvements
  • Updated PA browser based on M60
  • Pulse on pickup fixed
  • Different fixes for contacts handling and integration into Google apps
  • Various Bluetooth connectivity fixes
  • Improvements for hardware key lighting
  • Higher quality wallpapers
  • Optimized fingerprint unlock speed
  • Fixed reboot to recovery message
  • Various performance enhancements
  • Various power related enhancements
  • Other fixes and improvements which will have to be discovered by you :)

OnePlus 3/3T:

  • Fixed various camera crashes
  • Fix for manual iso control
  • Improved quality and post-processing in our custom camera HAL
  • Improved GPS performance and accuracy
  • Improved Wifi performance and power
  • Optimized NFC toggling speed
  • Fixes for specific Volte setups
  • Reworked automatic brightness tuning
  • Fix for lid support
  • Various major performance improvements
  • Improvements to memory management
  • Fix for the known idle drain issue
  • Various power related enhancements
  • Note: We generally recommend f2fs users to switch back to ext4 as f2fs has GC issues which can result in performance issues over time.

          This issue is not specific to this update

          and exists in stock as well.


  • Fixed Google camera crashes
  • Fixed NFC tile
  • Updated kernel to latest EAS upstream
  • Merged latest security patches
  • Backported changes from O preview
  • Improved memory management when under pressure
  • Note: OTA updates for these devices are currently unsupported and also a reflash of gapps would be needed after installing the update.


Kernel sources are already online. The rest of the device specific sources will go online until the end of the week.


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- Official community: