The KEYone is the first QWERTY BlackBerry phone manufactured by TCL. Despite having a great deal of software problems at launch, many owners enjoy simply having a modern keyboard smartphone. However, the original batch of devices were not very durable (to say the least), but BlackBerry and TCL have been working to fix that.

You may recall that JerryRigEverything tested the KEYOne shortly after launch, and found that the screen wasn't glued or attached to the rest of the phone. Once the phone was bent, the screen just popped right out - this has even happened to KEYOne owners from a simple drop. Needless to say, if you're paying ~$500 for a phone, the screen really shouldn't fall out from a drop.

But to BlackBerry and TCL's credit, they do appear to be listening. An official TCL support representative posted the below statement on the CrackBerry forums:

As we’ve all seen by now in Kevin’s real world durability test, the BlackBerry KEYone has been purpose built to offer a distinctly different, highly durable smartphone experience that can live up to normal everyday use.

In a further effort to ensure all our BlackBerry Mobile customers and fans have an outstanding experience, we’re implementing additional measures that add even greater strength and adhesive to the BlackBerry KEYone display. These new measures are already being implemented on new KEYone’s and are beginning to hit our retailer and carrier inventories – and will continue to come in stock throughout the summer. If you’ve already purchased the BlackBerry KEYone, you’re fully covered by our manufacturer’s warranty, so if any issue arises, please contact us and we can help you with a warranty replacement if needed.

Unfortunately, it's very difficult to tell if the KEYOne you're buying is part of the new production run. One user pointed out that the phone's build date is printed on a sticker placed on the phone, but the exact date of when this change was implemented is unknown. But at least TCL will send you a replacement if you're within the warranty period.