You know Lyft, right? It's the ridesharing service not currently embroiled in half a dozen scandals of its own making. While that other company is trying to turn things around, Lyft is focused on more mundane but useful things. Lyft has today added seven new expense management partners, so you can more easily forward your receipts.

The new expense management features are tied into Lyft for Business, which is free to set up. You can access expense management features in the settings, then just pick from one of the options: Concur, Expensify, ChromeRiver, Certify, Nexonia, Zoho, Abacus, and Xpenditure. You will need to confirm that the email address matches the address tied to the expense account, and Concur will require a sign-in.

Once this is set up, each time you take a ride with your business account, the receipt will be beamed over to your expense management account and converted into an itemized document. This feature should be live today for everyone with a business profile in the app.